“The Brand makes you KNOWN,


However, the brands didn't become

what they are on their own.”





The FALCON BRANDING ACADEMY Branding Program end product:

An individual who knows the technique of Branding and knows how to build a Product Brand, a Company Brand, a Service Brand or a Personal Brand, where the Brand is the individual.

General overview

About Mike Lazar:

Branding specialist, writer of the book “You should Build a Brand too, or BE the Brand”. Mike Lazar  has helped entrepreneurs to great success with his unique branding techniques since 1990. His methods have helped many people from all walks of life to get their company, themselves or their product well known, popular and successful so they can build a brand of their own and thus achieve their goals.

At the tender age of twenty Mike Lazar had already made his first major breakthrough in the corporate branding world. With his team and applying these unique techniques to his personal business he rapidly became a market leader with several national sales records. To this day there are still many people who remember those times and achievements as a sort of miracle.    

He traveled the world from South Africa through New York to Los Angeles and carefully studied the secret techniques of what they called in America: BRANDING. In the year 2000, after returning from Hollywood, Los Angeles, he created the FALCON ACADEMY in Europe.

Here brand builders are taking their first step one after the other to build known, popular and successful brands. Everything from corporate names, independent product branding or even the 'branding' of their own personal fame.  

Today his techniques are being applied successfully in the USA and across Europe in countries such as Hungary, England, Germany, Denmark and Slovakia.

Who is the FALCON ACADEMY for

The FALCON BRANDING ACADEMY is for those  entrepreneurs who would like MORE CUSTOMERS and GROWING INCOME, who would like to overtake their competitors and achieve outstanding successes and expand both on the eastern and western markets.  

THE FALCON BRANDING ACADEMY – Branding Program is first and foremost for company owners, managers and their executives since their support is essential in branding. In fact, everybody with an enterprise is engaged in branding, even if unconsciously. But what result is achieved is a different question. Brands represent an independent value, to which regular customers are connected. Let's think of our own favourite brands of cars, watches, restaurants, computers, etc. At first sight it looks like they just exist on the market, but the truth is that SOME INDIVIDUALS HAVE BUILT UP THESE BRANDS!

Why does it worth to learn Branding

BRANDING IS THE CROWN JEWEL OF SUCCESSFUL MARKETING! On the long run money spent on marketing without branding is pouring money down the drain. In a case of a company or product in which people trust and they are fond of it, they will become regular customers and they can ensure the growing income and continuous expansion for the owner. This is a COMPANY or PRODUCT BRAND. This can also be a person whose name sounds good, he is well known amongst people, he is followed by other people and others help him in achieving his goals. He is a PERSONAL BRAND!  

With the help of the FALCON BRANDING ACADEMY the participant will be able to build a Company or Product brand and also a Personal Brand-name. In  todays world,  life would be unimaginable without the known brands. The known brand-names help us get oriented when we are choosing a soft-drink, tissues, a shaver, a perfume, a detergent, a radio station or even a car for ourselves. Brands help us make a choice.

The Brand makes you KNOWN, POPULAR and SUCCESSFUL. However, the brands didn't become what they are on their own. THE BRANDS HAVE BEEN BUILT UP BY THE BRAND BUILDERS AND THEY HAVE MADE THEM SUCCESSFUL.  

If someone knows the tricks of branding he can be capable of building a known and popular brand which makes his product or service KNOWN thus highlighting it from the rest of the products and services and makes it POPULAR. It helps the customers to differentiate it from the competitors' services and products and as the popular brand represents an additional value in the eyes of the customers it makes it SUCCESSFUL, its position can be stable on the market and it can not be easily forced into a price competition where the margin and the profit can become nothing. For such a brand the world market can be open.  

The specialty of the program is that it helps to get one oriented in the often confusing world of PR and Marketing, helps systematize those tools that you have already learnt and as a result you can be capable of generating even free media releases!

Detailed presentation of the FALCON BRANDING ACADEMY

The FALCON BRANDING ACADEMY is an intensive top training in Branding for company-owners and their executive staff members. It consists of 12 days and a day starts at 9 in the morning and ends at 5 in the afternoon.

The Modules and their short presentation

Day 1.

The laws of the Market

On this day participants get familiar with the laws of the market, those laws which regulate the competition. They get to know those techniques with which they may compete with the competitors already on the market and the rules of the western markets' formation and how the brands that already exist there have been built up.

Day 2.

The hidden secrets of Branding

On this day the participants are introduced to those techniques with which western brands achieve customers' binding to the products and services tagged with their BRAND. Light is shed on such techniques, which if understood, makes one see the opportunities. The evolution of the western world's economic structure becomes understandable and the role of the brands in it.  

Day 3.

The Brand Team building

The main function of every BRAND is to create regular customers and to expand their numbers. This is actually the mission of the BRAND. On this day the participants learn how to create a committed community around their BRAND which can even be expanded to planetary scales.

Day 4.

Creation of the Brand Plan

On this day we deal with the techniques of planning. The students examine the state of their own company and brand and get to know techniques on how to steer it towards the future. The successful formation of several western brands will get analyzed and after this analysis they will then be able to recognize the expansion techniques of the brands currently on the market.

Day 5.

Brand Development

With the help of the effective technique that the participants learn they can form creative ideas, which are fundamentally important for the building of a brand. On this day the participants  learn the techniques of making a market niche for their product, for their service, namely for their BRAND. They will know how to get any product onto any market.

Day 6.

Brand Strategy

On this day we deal with the needs and wants of the customers. We get answers to the question: why do people in the western world buy things that they don't necessarily need and how do the BRANDS achieve this? They learn the creation of the successful strategy, which if applied gives a good chance to occupy the target market.

Day 7.

Brand Evolution

The market is not a constant, settled thing. Similarly, the BRANDS need to change and develop. On this day the students learn how to consciously influence this. They get an even deeper understanding of what is really happening on the market and how they can become active participants and leaders of it. This knowledge can bring success anywhere in the world if applied expertly.

Day 8.

Brand Relations

What makes this day special is that it fundamentally defines the place of advertisement and connects it with Branding. It clarifies the place of PR, Marketing, Sales and Advertisement in the process of Branding, which is one of the big secrets of the big brands formed today. With its help the participants can make their existing and future advertising more effective.

Day 9.

Brand Advertisement and Brand Media

We come to a special point on this day. We get familiar with the world of the western media and how it works. By understanding it, the participants can even get free media appearances. The students get familiar with the fundamentals of how the media works and its hidden structure.

Day 10.

Maintaining the Brand

This day is about the shoppers, the customers. The participants get enlightened about how important it is that the BRAND deals effectively with the customers before, during and after the purchase. They can overview their existing activities and they can learn techniques to achieve that value which is most important for the customers.

Day 11.

Brand Sales

Sales is important in Branding, if it is not in accordance with it, it can even be destructive. On this day the students learn the technique of evolving sales so that it becomes part of Branding. The methods studied on this day cover sales within and outside the business premises and with its help everybody can become capable to further improve their already existing sales techniques.

Day 12.

Branding on the Internet

Today the Internet has become an independent and very powerful media, which can be an effective channel for building our Brand. On this day the students learn how they can successfully and efficiently use this ever evolving channel which can be used to reach any part of the world thus acquiring a constantly growing market.  

Mike Lazar